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Furniture Repair and Restoration

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At Morgan Manhattan we are committed to bringing the finest in moving and storage services to our customers – at every level. Of course, this means care and attention to the packing and moving of your goods. But it can also mean other things too. Moving provides a great opportunity to examine your items and ensure they are in the type of condition you prefer. Some belongings, such as furniture, tables, and chairs, can wear down over time and lose their luster. You may have told yourself, "I'll get around to it someday", and there is no better time than during a relocation. Our cabinet shop / restoration expert has decades of experience refurbishing and repairing furniture and we can promise you professionals results.

Nicks, dents, gouges, gashes, and rubs are all normal wear and tear which happen to furniture over time. Naturally the more you use the furniture the more chance for this damage to occur. At Morgan Manhattan our restoration expert has the experience and knowledge to handle a wide variety of requests. No matter what you need restored, we can make it happen.

Restoration Services

Whether your furniture needs repair, re-staining, "French Polishing" or just a good lemon oil cleaning, our professionals can have your furniture looking great before it gets placed in its new home. There truly is no better time than during a move, and how great would it feel to have all of your furniture looking new in your new home! We can do all of the following and more:

  • Fill and eliminate scratches and gouges on your dining room table or desk
  • Even out sun-bleached areas on wooden furniture now visible in its new location in your residence
  • Repair or replace cracked veneer
  • Reattach broken legs to tables and chairs
  • Match and repaint ornate furniture
  • Match, create, and replace intricate grooves, finials and other decorative details
  • Clean, polish, touchup and make "like-new" all of the furniture you have stored

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Amazing Crew Today

It poured today but despite the weather conditions, the movers remained diligent. Great job Maurice, Tremayne, Justin, and Jason. I was absolutely impressed by your patience, and attitudes.