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Below is an electronic copy of our customer questionnaire, which we ask all our customers to fill out after their experience with Morgan Manhattan. The survey results are populated to show all of the results Morgan Manhattan has ever collected, however, we encourage you to sort the data to also show the work we have done recently. Check out below to learn more!

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Survey Results

How would you describe the actual charges compared to the Final Estimate?

  1. (35.71%) Actual charges were less than the final estimate
  2. (57.14%) Actual charges were the same as the final estimate
  3. (7.14%) Actual charges were more than the final estimate
Appearance of the crew
Ability of the crew
Politeness of the crew
Out of 10

Was there any damage to your goods?

  1. (90.0%) None
  2. (10.0%) Damage

Would recommend us to a relative or a friend?

  1. (92.0%) Definitely
  2. (4.0%) Probably
  3. (0%) Probably Not
  4. (4.0%) Definitely Not

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