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While there are dozens of providers of Yorktown storage across the local area, many of these storage “experts” offer little more than an empty warehouse with minimal security. Do you really want to leave your precious household or commercial belongings in a place like that? If not, then turn to Morgan Manhattan for a more sophisticated and customer-driven storage experience. We've been in business since 1851—giving us more than 150 years of continuous refinement for our many Yorktown storage offerings!

Specialized Storage With Careful Inventory Management

At Morgan Manhattan, we're not one of your typical New York storage companies—the kind that provides a bare storage unit and leaves the rest of the work to you. Instead, we'll be your start-to-finish partner for expert moving and storage anywhere in Yorktown! We provide deluxe touches of service and care to ensure the security of your belongings as well as lasting peace of mind for you. By choosing us, you'll receive:

  • Meticulous Inventories: We take down measurements, photographs, and other key pieces of information about our storage shipments so that you'll have a detailed record of your belongings and their condition upon arrival.
  • Online Inventory Access: We make it easy to view your storage details on our website 24/7! You'll be provided a user-specific account and password to maintain your privacy and security.
  • Convenient Retrieval: Whether you need a single item from your storage unit or would like the entire contents, we can arrange for drop-off by our staff, pick-up at our loading dock, or delivery via courier service.
  • Affordable Storage Options: If you don't have enough items to fill a storage unit, we'd be happy to share your space and only charge you for the cubic feet you need.

Instead of trusting just any internet search result for “household storage near me,” count on Morgan Manhattan! In six convenient locations, we offer standard household and commercial storage as well as specialized storage for artwork, vintage wine, and high-value items.

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Whether you need door-to-door moving and storage support or storage as a stand-alone service, Morgan Manhattan is here to help. Check out the glowing customer reviews of our professional Yorktown movers, or contact us directly to speak with a specialized storage expert! Just give us a call or fill out our online form to begin now.

Jessica M.

Fantastic Staff

Darren, Victor, Emmanuel, Derrick, Romaine, and Jason were all incredibly lovely ppl to work with. Morgan Manhattan made my move as pleasurable as it needed to be. Thank you again.