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New York City Fine Art Storage

With many decades in the fine art storage industry, we have come across quite a number of owners who have had a hard time letting go of their precious treasures. That’s understandable because, for a lot of them, it’s their first time being away from such wonderful and expensive pieces they’ve grown attached to.

At Morgan Manhattan, we run the best and most secure fine art storage company in New York. We are confident and committed to satisfying our teeming customers, and the ensuing proven track record of service through the decades is there for all to see. No matter the condition and cost of fine art you want to store, we can accommodate you!

We store virtually anything, and when we say that, we mean it! Whether you have antique cars and boats, large paintings, concrete monuments, museum artifacts, and more, we have the perfect storage solutions for them all. At Morgan Manhattan’s fine art storage facilities, no item is too big for us. We have tall ceilings (10'-12’) coupled with over 500 square feet of storage space to store even the most unique pieces. Our team of committed experts is trained in our moving services, so they are capable of relocating expensive sculptures and paintings. With that, your valuables are always in safe hands.

When you make us your chosen fine art storage company, every inch of your items will be in the same condition as the day before we stored them. With 6 locations in the Tri-State area, you have every assurance that we’re the best for the job.

Trustworthy and Professionally Secure Fine Arts Storage Services

Anytime you’re ready to switch out your art for the season, a party, or even to display a new piece, Morgan Manhattan takes care of the transport on your behalf. Our capable and convenient New York City storage service boasts the following amenities:

  • Six Convenient Locations: You can have your pick of six equally convenient and safe storage locations.
  • Sophisticated Online Inventory System: Our online inventory system is carefully and expertly designed. Every action and product can be accounted for right from the day you bring items in.
  • Fireproof Facilities: Your items come first on our priority, and that’s why our facilities are fireproofed against potential hazards.
  • Professionally Managed: Our services are managed by trained professionals who have a duty to deliver the best at all times.
  • Safe and Secure: Our services are safe and secure from top to bottom. Nothing is left to chance when protecting your valuables.
  • Alarm-Protected: Any funny moves are immediately foiled by our alarm-protected storage facilities.
  • Specialized Fine Art Moving: If you need that extra bit of care for your items, we offer specialized moving services for your artworks.

Call Now and Get a Free Fine Art Storage Estimate from Our Experts

We are confident that you won’t find a more committed and prepared moving and storage company than Morgan Manhattan in the Tri-State area. A look at our customer feedback page will convince you. Are you ready to store your precious valuables in our secure storage facility? Call our New York City movers today or fill out our online form to get started with a free storage estimate!

Mary D.

Precise and Courteous

Amazing job Maurice, Raphael, Justin, and Jason. You guys handle every item with the utmost care. I am very pleased with your service. Thank you!