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Stamford Wine Storage

Wine storage is one of the most important things you could invest in to maintain the exceptional quality that your valuable wine deserves. At Morgan Manhattan, we have been providing homeowners with customizable wine storage services in the Tri-State Area for their large collection or single bottles.

Our team is A+ rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau for our dedication to customer satisfaction. Since 1851, we've been Stamford's top moving and storage company with thousands of happy customers.

Professional Wine Storage Services in Stamford

At Morgan Manhattan, we know a thing or two about professional wine storage and moving. We have been serving the New York and Tri-State Area for almost two centuries.

Even if you have a dedicated wine cellar in your Stamford home, there are a number of reasons to consider outsourcing your wine storage. Our secure storage facilities offer the following advantages to keep your wine in pristine condition:

  • Safety: Keeping valuables like a wine collection in an external storage facility will give you peace of mind knowing your collection is safe. Feel free to leave for vacations without having to worry about theft.
  • Odor Control: Believe it or not, odors can penetrate the cork of your wine bottle and alter the state of your wine. Our facilities are controlled to eliminate the chance of odor and keep your collection safe.
  • Temperature Control: Temperature is the number one factor in preserving wine. Our facilities maintain a consistent temperature all year long so you don't have to worry about maintaining the temperature of your home cellar.
  • UV Ray Protection: Keeping wine bottles out of the sun will prevent the wine from spoiling. When exposed to UV rays, the wine will undergo a chemical reaction, releasing sulfurous compounds that ruin the wine.
  • Courier Services: For an added benefit, we offer professional courier services to have your wine transported to your home as you need. You won't have to worry about transporting your precious bottles yourself.

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Morgan Manhattan is your top choice for the best wine storage services that money can buy. We also offer premium Stamford residential moving services in addition to specialized moving and storage. Our team offers interior design storage and furniture restoration. Contact us today for a free wine storage quote!

Mary D.

Precise and Courteous

Amazing job Maurice, Raphael, Justin, and Jason. You guys handle every item with the utmost care. I am very pleased with your service. Thank you!