Moving to New York City?

Some areas of the big city and families do not mix.  It’s probably a lot harder to find a home for a family of four than a bachelor pad.

There are several key factors to think about when deciding where to move that could help narrow down the choices. 

1.  The Schools- If you have kids, chances are you will need to choose a school.  Researching schools in potential neighborhoods will provide good insights into the area and the type of education your child would receive at that particular school.

2.  Your Commute- Depending on where you live, your commute could be fairly easy or it could be long and tedious.  Research your commute route before to save yourself some hassle.

3.  Hobbies and Interests- Explore each community and the surrounding areas to see if they suit your interests and needs.  You want to make sure your community reflects you.

This will be your home, so you can be picky.  Whether you are moving to the east coast for the first time or moving more locally, there are plenty of neighborhoods to be discovered.  Morgan Manhattan has over 100 years of experience with moving in the New York area.  Decide your destination and we can take it from there.