Living in a home that is undergoing a renovation can be a trying time. Whether you’ve decided to tackle a DIY room makeover or have a crew of contractors lined up to create the dream home you’ve always wanted, the tasks associated with a renovation can seem endless. Before any work can begin, one important element of a renovation is the safety of your belongings. The last thing you want is for your furniture, area rugs, appliances, or other household items to be covered in dust and debris—or for your precious family heirlooms to get damaged.

While many New York homeowners might think of using self-storage during a renovation, there is another solution—your local New York moving company! Many moving companies have secure storage facilities that can be utilized to safeguard your belongings prior to and during your renovation. The Tri-State household storage experts at Morgan Manhattan have provided countless homeowners with storage solutions to accommodate renovation projects, and as professional movers, they know the benefits that a local moving and storage company delivers.

Comprehensive Packing and Moving Services

With so many tasks, schedules, and responsibilities to juggle during a renovation, finding time to pack your household items and move them into storage can be extremely time-consuming. For a full-service moving and storage experience, professional moving companies can pack, transport, and store your belongings—leaving you free to tackle all of the other to-do’s on your plate!

Affordable and Customizable Solutions

Just as every household is unique, professional moving and storage companies provide customizable solutions to fit the needs—and budget—of each family. Whether you need short-term storage while you renovate a couple of rooms, or long-term storage before, during, and even after an extensive whole-house renovation, your local movers can accommodate any situation!

Safe and Secure Facilities

Moving and storage companies adhere to strict company policies and industry standards when it comes to the safety of your belongings. While the level of security at storage facilities differs by company, a trusted local moving company should have state-of-the-art alarm systems to ensure that your belongings are protected from occurrences such as theft and fire.

Online Inventory Systems

Keeping track of an entire household worth of items during a renovation can be daunting. Thanks to today’s advanced technologies, you may find that your storage company offers an online inventory system with pictures and information about each of your items. With access to view the system 24/7, you’ll never have to worry about the location or safety of your items!

Specialty Storage Options

If you have high-value art or an extensive wine collection, your local storage company might have the perfect solution for you! From custom crating of fine art to temperature and humidity controlled vaults to store wine at the optimum levels, specialty storage options give you peace of mind knowing that your most valuable items are safe and secure.

If you’re planning a major or minor renovation project, you can count on the professionals at Morgan Manhattan for premier New York household storage solutions. With more than 500,000 square feet of storage space throughout our conveniently located facilities, your belongings will never be far from home! Give us a call today to discuss your moving and storage needs, or fill out our simple online form now to receive a free quote.