Assembling the best of the best to fulfill the interstate moving needs of a highly discriminating clientele.

Morgan Manhattan has found, through personal experience over a long period of time -- as an agent of America's two largest and "best" van line systems, that the van line business model for interstate moves loses favor with customers year after year.  The well-publicized shortage of qualified HHG drivers combined with weakening driver revenue to cover hauling expenses combines to create a serious capacity shortfall especially in the peak summer months.  Fewer drivers and trucks to handle increasing numbers of shipments means somebody will be disappointed when their shipment is not picked up on time or delivered as planned.  In fact, last summer one major van line expressed delight that they only missed the scheduled pickup date for 12% of their customers.  More than one in ten customers were left holding the bag … and the van line was crowing about it!

We decided the best method to solve this problem for our customers was to expand the number of drivers we deal with.  Being attached to only one van line system was limiting our customers' options.  That's why we created The Morgan Manhattan Moving Network.  By expanding the possible van lines we can tap into and restricting our associations to only the finest affiliated and unaffiliated agencies within those systems we become the moving industry's "power elite".  We are the "All-Americans" so to speak.  And we won't disappoint.

We have culled a group of professional movers that have experienced the same frustration as us.  They represent varying geographic areas (like Beverly Hill Moving and Storage or the Johnson M&S branches throughout the Midwest).  They are the cream of the independents like JK Moving and Storage.  In each case, the company fills a void designed to give you -- our customer -- the best chance of a smooth hassle free moving experience.

Once you entrust your move to Morgan Manhattan we will source the perfect hauling partner from our stable for your particular needs -- based on schedule, geography, shipment size and composition, special requirements.  We will only work with those companies willing to commit to the pickup/delivery dates you need -- or we will tell you in advance that we have to explore other options.  Once we sort it out, we will pack things, arrange things and our customer service and claims people will be there with you until you are happily established in your new home.  And if we run into any snags for any reason, we will be your partner as we attend to them!

We look forward to being of service and we are confident that this new approach to your interstate shipment will result in another very satisfied client of The Morgan Manhattan Moving Network.