It's time to move and you have decided to hire a Manhattan moving company, but only to "do the heavy lifting".

Being the "Type A" person that you are, you are going to have a hard time letting other people do all the work.  You will do some packing (see our previous blog on that subject);  you will take some small things in your car to the new home;  and based on Morgan Manhattan's previous experience you will probably strain your back trying to lift something using bad technique.

We routinely see our customers trying to soothe a backache they got because they tried to lift something too heavy, without using safe lifting techniques.  Sometimes they even seriously injure themselves!

You can find article after article about safe lifting techniques on the internet.  Just Google "safe lifting".  Essentially they all have one thing in common … you must lift with your legs not your back.  Squat, or kneel on one knee, very close to the item you are going to lift;  tighten your core muscles; and then stand up using your leg muscles.  If your leg muscles send you feedback that says "This is too heavy", squat or kneel back down, let it go, and do not get competitive!  As a word of caution, using unsafe technique can result in back injury even if the object you are lifting is not all that heavy.  It is more about maintaining the correct angles than how much the item weighs.

Of course the absolute best technique for dealing with this heavy lifting can be summed up in the following 4 easy steps:

1.  Pour yourself a nice cold iced tea or other favorite beverage.

2.  Point to the item with your index finger.

3.  Ask your highly skilled and well-trained New York residential moving professional to lift the item.

4.  Using the same index finger as above, point to where you would like it to go.

Virtually no customers have ever been injured using this highly-advanced technique!