How is the new Morgan Manhattan Moving Network doing?  Exceptionally well.

How can we tell?  First you need a little background.

It is a little known fact, to most customers planning an interstate move, that moving van lines do the same thing that airlines do when it comes to reservations: they intentionally overbook; but certainly less justifiably.  Airlines do this because they know with statistical certainty that a number of travelers will change their plans and not show up for their flights.  We only find out this happens in the infrequent instances when we’re sitting at the gate and hear offers over the loudspeakers for “volunteers” to take a later flight for “two free tickets” or some other promotion.  It isn’t the same situation for van lines; if someone is moving to Cleveland, in almost every case they’re moving to Cleveland.  Yes, a few may change dates, but in our long experience a very, very few.

Van lines overbook to enlarge their busy seasons.  Since there are a finite number of trucks and drivers, and a very heavy concentration of moving in a few summer weeks (though this happens at other times of the year also), booking more moves than can be handled expands the number of customers a van line gets to move.

Since so often customers must vacate their existing space to facilitate a closing or because a lease expires, and with the knowledge that all of their competitors will be similarly overbooked, there is no risk of losing customers via this overbooking.  Customers are either told that their shipments will need to stay where they are until a truck can be found or the local agent will have to “pick and hold” the shipment with local equipment and then later transfer the shipment to a long distance truck.  Three things always result:  damages from multiple extra handlings, missed delivery promises, disappointed customers.  In fact, some van lines consider it an accomplishment if "only" 10% of their customers find out just before their move day that a van line truck is not actually available to pick up their goods as planned during these busy periods.  And we’ve never heard of a case where a mover offered “two free moves” to a shunted customer!

One of the main reasons Morgan Manhattan is no longer affiliated with just one interstate carrier is because purposely planning to disappoint 10% of our customers is simply unacceptable.  We’d rather tell you we can’t move you than lead you on and make an enemy for life.

We see things differently.  We take the time to contact multiple movers to see if we can find a quality mover to promise to handle your shipment under specified parameters relating to dates, pricing, etc.  It might be our own truck, or one from Colorado, California, Virginia or wherever.  The point is that we get a commitment about your particular shipment from someone we’ve learned to trust over a long period of time.

So how are we doing?  We have had zero customers disappointed because their move did not happen as planned -- despite the very, very busy season we are coming through.  10% overbooking?  Numerous disappointed customers?  Actually, none.

Our moves have gone beautifully, with rave reviews for the care and attention the drivers and helpers from our network have given our clientele.  We can't be happier or prouder with the decision to work independently, with more concern for our customer's experience than our own! So contact our Morgan Manhattan Moving Company for your upcoming relocation.