Are you putting off a move because you’re worried about your priceless artwork or crystal chandelier? If your belongings are damaged during transit, it can cost thousands of dollars, more than the cost of your entire moving project, to say nothing of the emotional cost. At Morgan Manhattan, we’ve flawlessly handled numerous high-value moves since our inception in 1851. We’re the experts in luxury moving, and we’ve compiled a list of tips that will ensure your belongings get to your destination safely. After you schedule your move, always:

  • Play it Safe! If you have high-value items to move, leave the packing and crating to the professionals. You may think you can handle it yourself, but a lot of the time, high-value items have specialized requirements. For example, you should never let paper touch the surface of an oil painting.
  • Get It Appraised: “High- value” items have a value of $100 a more per pound – depending on the weight, that can mean a lot of money! Get your valuables appraised before your move so you know their exact worth if you need to make a claim.
  • Insure it! Here’s a good scale to go by: if your items are worth more than the cost of your moving services, insure them! Professional movers are trained in high-value shipping practices, but accidents can happen during transit. It’s best to have coverage!
  • Document it! Write down all high-value items on whatever pre-move paper work you’re provided. This way you can get compensation in case something is damaged.
Our luxury moving services will treat your possessions with the utmost respect.  Our team members are highly trained, and we offer competitive insurance to protect your belongings. Contact us now to learn more about how we can assist you!