Bob Dylan sang those words for the first time in 1964, back when my father was still at the head of Morgan Manhattan. I was just a kid then, still learning the business and developing the necessary skills to one day run it as well as my father, grandfather, great-grandfather and great-great-grandfather had before me.

Today, the-times-they-are-a-changin’ once again. Our headquarters, which are located at the bottom of Greenwhich Avenue – arguably the “gateway” to the area’s shopping district – is due for some renovations. Several important improvements will be made to our space that will not only improve the aesthetic of our busy intersection, but also allow for better traffic flow throughout the entire area.

Furthermore, in addition to adding two parking levels and nearly 100 parking spaces to the community, our new headquarters will also include a 3500 square foot green roof and several new trees will be planted going up and down the sidewalks adjacent to our building.

This latest renovation to the Morgan Manhattan headquarters is 163 years in the making! To see a detailed account of all the changes we’ll be making as well as a visual projection of the project, just click here.

On behalf of myself and the first-class team at Morgan Manhattan, thank you for your interest in our growing and ever-evolving company.

Here’s to the next 163 years on one of the best corners in the world!


Jeffery Morgan, President