When it comes to moving pets, not all pets are created equal. 

Obviously, the personality of the pet makes a big difference so does the type of pet.

Dogs and cats aren’t usually too difficult.  They are only an issue if they don’t like riding in the car or if you need to fly.  Dogs have been known to have difficulty with being stored in the cargo bay of a plane.

Cats generally are stored beneath your seat.  While many cats don’t like the sensation of flight, they normally have a better reaction in that position.

Aquatic animals like fish are generally the most difficult because they need to be kept in water.  When moving water, it is always likely to spill so you will need to have supplies on hard to clean up the spill. 

You will also need to remove your pets from their tank to move them.  Keep some water in the aquarium though so the gravel and landscaping doesn’t get ruined.

No matter what animals you are relocating, it is always best to talk to your vet about it.  Make sure they are up to date on shots, medications, and micro chipped.  Your vet will also have tips and advice for how to move your pet safely.  They may need medication to help with the journey.

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