One of the biggest stressors parents face during a relocation is finding a great new school for their children to attend, and this can be especially difficult when moving in New York City. Finding the perfect fit for your children may feel overwhelming: Do you choose public or private? Are you looking for larger schools or more intimate settings? What are the most important subjects for your kids to study? When it comes to finding the right school for your children, Morgan Manhattan offers the following advice.

Public Vs. Private

“I think for a long time, parents felt like they couldn’t send their kids to public schools in New York City,” says Robin Aronow, founder of School Search NYC, an organization the helps Manhattan families navigate choosing a school. “Now, parents believe in public schools. There are wonderful public schools in the area, so much so that some can’t even get into their zoned schools,” Aronow says.

Ultimately the decision to select a public or private school depends upon your priorities and your financial situation. Private schools tend to have a stronger emphasis on forming well-rounded individuals, so parents who highly value programs like art, music and athletics may prefer private schools. These schools are unlikely to face required budget cuts that eliminate these programs. Additionally, private schools are often thought of as being driven by education as opposed to being driven by testing and are often considered more prestigious than public schools. While public schools used to be looked down upon, there has been a major turnaround in New York City in the last few years. As more families with young children remain in the city, there are large communities of parents and teachers working to bring new resources and life to public schools in Manhattan. If a sense of community is important, and you value things like a school being close to your location, public school is an excellent choice.

When you are moving your family to New York, finding a good school is a high priority. Fortunately, programs like School Search NYC and websites like School Fisher can help you find the schools that are best for your children.

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