Becoming a Manhattan-ite is a one-of-a kind experience. Relocating to any new city can have its challenges but living in the heart of America’s largest city is an experience unto itself. Before you pack your bags, schedule your Manhattan movers and pull out of your drive, it’s best to learn about your new city so you can prepare for the changes coming your way. Here are four tips for any who is considering a move to Manhattan.

1 – Learn to Love Public Transportation

New York City and specifically Manhattan has some of the best public transportation in the entire world. The easiest way to navigate the city is via subway and bus. Make sure you download a transit app for your phone for on-the-go access to schedules. Also, if you want to get some place on time, your best bet is usually the subway or leaving enough time to walk. Buses are usually caught in the same traffic you are trying to avoid by taking public transportation.

2 – Downsize, Downsize, Downsize

Apartments in Manhattan can be fairly short on square footage and your amount of stuff needs to match your new space. Make sure you have appropriately sized furniture along with pairing down on your belongings. Staying organized is key to enjoying your space in America’s largest city, so make sure to invest in closet organizers before you start unpacking.

3 – Rethink How You Shop

We already mentioned that the easiest way to get around the city is via public transportation. However, riding the subway with bags of groceries can make for a very uncomfortable trip. One way to ease the difficulty of grocery shopping is to take several smaller trips throughout the week as you go to and from work. You may also decide that having your groceries brought to you is best. Several Manhattan grocery stores will deliver your items for a small fee, or you can check out the new market of delivery services!

4 – Explore While Apartment Hunting

Manhattan has numerous neighborhoods and communities, each with their own personality and identity. Before choosing which location you’d like to call home, make sure you spend time in each area to see which best fits you.

Living in Manhattan comes with many perks and a little preparation can take you a long way to enjoying your new life in New York City.