Moving can uncover all kinds of surprises. First of all, you’ll likely be surprised at how much stuff you have. There’s something about packing everything you own into boxes to put into perspective what a big job planning a move can be!

You’re also likely to pay closer attention to the items that you will be moving than you have in years. It isn’t uncommon to suddenly discover that an end table leg has come loose or a decorative flourish on your favorite mirror has become chipped. Whether you have kids or you hired the wrong mover the last time around, most New York Tri-State movers would make you deal with the damage yourself. After all, their job is to pack and move boxes, not fix furniture!

At Morgan Manhattan, our New York moving company is uncommonly dedicated to providing a five-star experience, which means going above and beyond the traditional moving services. That means we offer services you wouldn’t expect from your run-of-the-mill mover, like furniture repair.

Give Your Furniture a Face-lift

Furniture is meant to be used, but that means it can easily succumb to the regular wear and tear of everyday life. We can provide your furniture with a face-lift so it looks like new when it is placed inside your new home.We can polish your furniture and provide you with a lemon-oil cleaning to bring out all the details in your tables, desks, and more.

If you don’t think your furniture is going to fit into the décor you have planned for your new space, we can completely rework its appearance with a new stain or paint job to make it look like a brand-new piece of furniture.

Full-Service Restoration

We can do much more than basic furniture work. We can provide you with full NY furniture repair services that include:

  • Scratch and gouge repair
  • Even out sun-bleached or stained surfaces
  • Repair and replace cracked veneer
  • Reattach broken legs
  • Recreate finials and other decorative details

What makes our services so convenient is the fact that they can easily be paired with any of our other services, which means you can have your furniture repaired or updated as part of your moving plan.

When searching for New York movers near me, you won’t find anyone who goes above and beyond to provide you with red carpet service like Morgan Manhattan. Call or fill out our online form and we’ll help you plan a move that will exceed all of your expectations.