Keeping customers happy is important for any business, and you’re probably good at it! However, even the best business minds can have difficulty when faced with circumstances that are out-of-the-ordinary, like moving in a large metro area like New York, for example! 

Below you’ll find some quick and powerful tips created by seasoned New York office movers that will keep your business afloat and your customers smiling, no matter how difficult your business move might be.

Keep Customers Informed

The single most important thing you can do is to keep you customers informed. Announce your move well in advance on your website, and don’t forget to consider all your typical marketing avenues like email, social media, direct mail, advertising, press releases, and in-store signage. Each mention should include the address of your new location, when you will be moving, and a thank-you note for your loyal customers. If possible, highlight what the customer has to gain from your move, like a better parking, convenience, or more space. 

Reward Loyal Customers

It’s always great to embrace the chance to reach a new customer base, however, keeping those you already have is important for a smooth transition. The last thing you want is a lag in sales. Make sure your customers know they are valued by offering incentives to continue doing business with you after your move. Feel free to get creative, with a few suggestions being emailed coupons or time-sensitive sales. 

Move Outside of Business Hours

If your business is usually open on Monday-Friday, then moving on the weekend will make things much simpler for everyone. Your customers won’t have to go elsewhere, and you won’t have to lose money due to downtime. If your peak hours are during the weekends, then moving during the week is best, or if possible, try scheduling the relocation for a holiday.

Hire Office Moving Professionals

Efficiency is the key to a successful business move, and hiring reliable tri-state commercial movers is the best way to ensure a fast and smooth transition. Moving professionals know how to handle your delicate office equipment, ensure employees are well cared for, and know how to ensure your move is on-time and on-budget. This way, you can focus on your customers and confidently assure them that you’ll be back in business in no time!

Show Off Your New Location

Once you’re all set, invite your customers to check out your new location with an open house event! This will not only give your current customers incentive, you will probably attract some new business as well. If you plan to host such an event, this is something you’d want to mention in your pre-move communication—and don’t forget those incentives for loyal customers!

Do You Need a New York Moving Company?

Moving a business successfully requires expert planning, professionalism, and courtesy. To ensure your  relocation is as smooth as possible, so you can focus on keeping customers happy instead of the hassles of relocation, go with Morgan Manhattan! However, don’t take our word for it, and certainly don’t stop at an online search of “New York movers near me.” Give us a call to speak with a helpful member of our team and request your free, no-obligation estimate!