For most people, there’s nothing like a beautiful painting to add style and aesthetic value to your living space. Whether you’re into impressionism, contemporary, modern art, or another style, the artwork you choose to grace the walls of your house add significant value to the underlying interior design scheme, and the overall personality of your home.

When moving, it is important to learn the right steps to prevent your artwork from getting damaged. In this article, our expert team of movers from Morgan Manhattan shares some favorite tips on fine art moving and household storage, to help you plan for a smooth and successful transfer of your home’s paintings and other framed pieces of art.

Moving Fine Art: Know What’s Most at Risk

There are many ways in which fine art, and in particular, paintings, can become damaged. Knowing the most common risks to paintings is important, as it can help homeowners understand why their artwork needs special protection during the moving and storage process. 

The most common risks to paintings during relocation and while being put into storage are the following:

  • Tears, broken frames or glass, missing elements, smudges
  • Stains from domestic chemicals, dirt, and dust
  • Fingerprints
  • Pests and other environmental factors such as heat, and strong light
  • Rips, tears, and other damages, especially if the paintings are not encased in glass

How to Pack Your Paintings

Before you move your paintings, it is important that they are properly packaged. The first thing that you should do is to wrap the artwork in clean plastic to prevent damage and keep it clean.

After wrapping it in plastic, seal it and frame in a Styrofoam box to keep it snug. After packing it in Styrofoam, insert the piece into a close-fitting cardboard box, and ensure that you fill in the spaces with bubble wrap to keep the painting safe while it is being transported to its new domain. Finally, seal the box with strong packing tape or duct tape, and you’re ready to move your painting safely and securely.

Tips for Transporting Your Paintings

Fine art moving in Manhattan and the surrounding areas can be tricky even if the items are properly packaged. Here are some simple tips to follow when it comes to transporting your paintings, mirrors, or any other pieces that you plan to hang on your walls.

  • Be sure to wrap your paintings properly using plastic, Styrofoam or bubble wrap, and cardboard layers (and plenty of sturdy packing tape) for the best outcome. If you’re not sure how to do this, contact a specialized moving company like Morgan Manhattan to help you wrap your pieces professionally.

  • Make sure that the artwork and all items surrounding it are well secured in the moving van or truck and will not fall if you have to suddenly stop or slam on the brakes.

  • Transport your paintings sideways on an edge, rather than having them lay flat. This will lessen the risk of damage.

  • In cases where the painting needs to lay flat, it is recommended to slide it forward against something solid and stable in case you need to stop the vehicle suddenly.

  • As much as you can, avoid sudden brakes to prevent impact.

  • Use a pillow or blanket as an extra cushion around the paintings.

Best Practices for Household Storage of Paintings

If you’re transferring your paintings to a storage area, your next concern should be on how to store it diligently. Many paintings are damaged while in storage, due to insufficient storage practices. Here are some useful tips you can follow to keep your paintings well-protected for the duration of their time in storage:

  1. Keep your paintings well-wrapped. 
    Again, if you are not sure how to effectively package your paintings to protect them from dust, insects or rodents, or other threats, contact a professional to help you wrap your paintings.

  2. Don’t store your paintings in a dry or damp area. 
    In short, it is not recommended to store it in your basement or attic. Instead, choose an area where the temperature is cool, and the air is free of moisture.

  3. If possible, choose professional household storage or commercial storage company like Morgan Manhattan to store your items, for expert storage in a climate-controlled environment. At Morgan Manhattan, our storage facility is 100% secured against robbers and fire, features controlled access, and has security gates and fences, so you can rest assured that your items are safe and protected. for as long as they’re in our care.

  4. If you must store your paintings flat, make use of a rack instead of having them scattered on the floor because the canvas and frame can absorb dampness.

  5. Avoid storing your artworks in areas with fluctuating temperatures, because these sudden changes can be damaging. If you have a furnace in the room, or if there isn’t an efficient heating or cooling system in place, find another place to store your paintings.

  6. Do not store your paintings in the sun.
    Long-term exposure to the sun can and will damage your artwork.

Manhattan’s Own Specialized Moving Company

For the best outcome possible, leave your fine art moving, and storage needs to the professionals. Reliable storage and specialized moving company in Manhattan and the surrounding areas, such as Morgan Manhattan, can provide the utmost care and proper handling of your valuable paintings. Our team is highly skilled to provide our customers with top-quality moving services with specially designed equipment and climate-controlled trailers to transport specialized items carefully.

If you are looking for exceptional storage and moving services for your paintings, contact Morgan Manhattan today. Give us a call now to speak with one of our friendly agents over the phone or fill out our online form to schedule a free, personalized price estimate in your home.