Have treasured art pieces in The Big Apple that need a new home? Whether you’re looking to relocate your art to a new display spot or you need a place to store your art for a while, it’s important to remember that any slip-up in the moving and storage process can result in irreparable damage to your artwork. It may be tempting to do your best to wrap up your painting or sculpture and pack it into your vehicle, but unless you have in-depth knowledge and experience in moving high-value art items, you’re taking quite a chance. Most art owners would agree it’s not worth the risk!

At Morgan Manhattan, we have a strong record of outstanding moving and storage services for fine art and antiques. We always recommend art owners secure professional help from experts with the right training, equipment, and facilities to handle art of all sizes. Read on to find out why we consider it a smart investment to get help from professional moving and storage companies!

They Have Specific Training in the Right Precautions to Take

The average layperson may not know how to approach moving a piece of art of a certain weight. He or she may not realize which protective materials are needed, or how to take apart a piece without doing permanent damage. Professional art movers in NYC are well versed on each step, in part because they receive in-depth training specific to moving art and valuables. In many cases, they’ve been background-checked as well.

They Know How to Avoid Common Sources of Damage

Do you know offhand the best materials to use for wrapping your art? Or the best position for your art while it’s in transport? Do you have access to state-of-the-art equipment that can help reduce the risk of damage? Are you aware of the best ways to avoid getting fingerprints and stains on your pieces? Probably not! On the other hand, professional art movers in NYC have handled many previous jobs and work with the utmost attention and care. Learning the best way to avoid damage is an integral part of their training and on-the-job expertise.

They Have the Right Facilities for Art Storage in NYC

If you’ve made the smart decision to look into New York storage companies for safekeeping of your art or antiques, make sure you choose one that offers specialized storage specifically for these items. Why? Your valuable, fragile pieces need to be stored in a space devoid of pests, heat, and strong light. Did you know art can be damaged by direct sunlight or even the heat of bulbs? A specialized storage company knows the best ways to store your valuables, plus the best protective materials to keep the pieces in while they’re being safeguarded.

Choose a Reputable Moving and Storage Company in NYC

Since 1851, Morgan Manhattan has been a leading moving and storage company in New York City. We offer uniformed staff, door-to-door delivery, and specialized storage options. Every job we do is customized to your needs, and you can feel confident that your valuables are in good hands. Give us a call or fill out the online contact form to talk to one of our friendly agents and set up your free, in-home consultation and price estimate.