Are you moving in the Empire City but worried if your treasured art pieces will survive packing, transit, and storage? Even a minor slip-up during the moving and storing process can cause damage to your fine art which is why choosing the right professional for the job is essential. 

Rips, tears, breakages, fingerprints, and stains are all risks to art when being moved or stored. People are the number-one cause of that irreparable damage which is why we understand that selecting your art movers in NYC or specialized storage company can be a stressful and overwhelming task. 

Choosing an art mover is a high-stakes decision, and this guide helps you choose with confidence.

Handling and Packing Fine Art with Care 

Did you know that oil from fingerprints can stain fine art? Your art mover should. To properly handle art in preparation to be moved a professional art mover should:

  • Limit all contact with the art. 
  • Wrap the art in plastic. 
  • Pack with dense packing material for optimum protection. 
  • Place wrapped and packed art into a snugly-fitted box. 


Whether your art is going to its resting place in your new home or a storage facility, there is more to transporting art than simply driving carefully. When moving art in NYC, these precautions should be taken to keep your treasures safe:

  • Store art vertically instead of lying flat. 
  • Surround art with other objects to reduce unnecessary movement during transit. 


To preserve fine art during moving, storage-specific precautions should be taken—particularly with the storage environment—to prevent damage that could be caused by dampness, dryness, harsh light, or hot storage spaces. The longer art is stored in a facility the greater risk of damage which is why choosing a specialized storage company with a quality reputation is so important. 

Choosing the Right Moving and Storage Company in NYC 

As a top choice in New York storage companies, Morgan Manhattan offers the experience and expertise to move and store your art safely. Whether moving your art across the city or looking for specialized storage, we customize every job to perfectly fit your needs. You can rest easy knowing that your valuables are in the trusted hands of Morgan Manhattan. 

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