If you’re a New York City wine enthusiast, then you probably heard about the Top 100 Symposium hosted by Wine & Spirits Magazine earlier this year. You might even have had the privilege of attending.

The event features top-scoring wines from 100 wineries located around the world. These wines are selected from 11,500 wines through an in-depth double-blind tasting process. Delectable pairings were also provided by some of the finest culinary geniuses from the Wine & Spirits WSNY restaurants. 

Attendees enjoyed tasting and discussing these select wines with the participating winemakers, sampling local cuisine, and mingling with some of the finest people in New York. 

With so much to take in and enjoy, one might stop and wonder how all of these fine, high-priced wines were cared for and transported in order for this event to take place. 

That’s where the relocation and storage experts at Morgan Manhattan come in.

In 2016, we proudly announced our newly constructed wine storage vaults located in our Richmond Hill, Queen warehouse. This state-of-the-art facility is temperature and humidity controlled, which is critical for safe wine storage. That’s not all:

  • Convenient Location: Our wine storage warehouse is located off the Van Wyck Expressway at Atlantic Avenue in Richmond hill. Private Parking is available, and it is just a short walk from the Jamaica – Van Wyck Subway Station for the E Train.
  • Pickup and Delivery: We provide pickup and delivery service that can be scheduled anywhere in the metro area. We also offer private courier services. 
  • Product Tracking: Every wine bottle and case are tracked using a proprietary software system. This system provides information about location, vintage, producer, arrival date, access information, and “drink by” dates.
  • Anytime Access: Customers can access a secure, password protected online inventory viewer 24/7 to keep track of new arrivals or to place a delivery order. 
  • Advanced Security: In addition to precise climate control technology, our facility is alarm protected and professionally managed in order to provide optimal security. 

At Morgan Manhattan, we are proud to have participated in the Wine & Sprit Magazine’s Top 100 Symposium. Our team provided professional wine storage for three weeks and delivered the wine to the event’s location. Our expertise ensured that the wine was in perfect condition, ready to be enjoyed by event participants!

Do you need a reliable wine storage solution in the NYC area? From winery owners to investors, retailers, and wine-loving individuals, our wine storage solutions provide the exceptional care you’re looking for. Contact us now for a free quote!